Advice Letter

Well the advice I would have to give to you is about the people you spend your time here at school with, sometimes known as “friends”. These are the people you spend your time with, do homework with, meet girls with, and if you’re not careful get in trouble with. These friends will shape you into the person you will become for the next three years.
If you were anything like me, you would say that you are your own person and that your friends would not change you for better or worse. Well every day you spend times with your friends. You say and do things that will make them accept you, wither you think it is right or wrong. You will always want to be liked therefore you do what they like. As you can see the friends you have now will make a big impact for the rest of your high school life.
So it is a good idea to become friends with the right kind of people. People that will want to go far in life. Kids that like to do homework, that like to do good things. Friends that can be social and good natured. You will friends yourself a much happier person and also have a better chance in life. I cant tell how many people I see everyday in the halls looking sad and depressed. Entire groups of kids just sitting there. Many of them I knew in middle school and elementary school. They only became that way to fit in with the “cool” kids.
So in the end all I can say is find people that like you for you and that will help you go far in life. Trust me, you will have a better time here in the hell we call high school.