April 15-May 1
A. Vocabulary lesson 10, 11

  1. Lesson exercises
  2. 5 “Pictionary” drawings in the margins
  3. 2 flashcard s(words assigned)
B. Media-journalism, rhetoric, satire, and advertising…class discussions and notes

Understanding Journalistic Writing-news, feature, opinion/column—analysis of samples
Understanding Advertising-manipulation strategies for TV and print ads—analysis of samples including campaign ads
Film: Shattered Glass-activity TBA to accompany film
Video: Best TV commercials

C. Writing

  1. Write your own news or satire piece about 350 to 500 words typed and link it to your wiki-do not copy and paste (aka plagiarize)! Zero credit! Get your own sources to cite. Story can be Alta-related, local community-related, state, national or international in its focus.
  2. Write your own feature or opinion piece about 350 to 500 words typed and link it to your wiki
    Group activity-write a new jingle (choose a familiar tune) AND a new slogan for an existing product or service. Present to class May 1.
    Grade Breakdown
    Lessons 10 and 11—50 points minus errors and missing pictionaries=55 points each lesson, 110 points total
    2 Flashcards—20 points

    Any class notes
    News or Satire piece—50 points
    Feature or Opinion piece—50 points
    Group Jingle/Slogan activity—50 points

    Shattered Glass assignment
    Link your 2 writing pieces