English12 Agenda
February 17-March 20 with documented final research essay due March 12 at the latest!
A. Silent Reading first 20 minutes-you can read LOF if you wish during this time
B. Vocabulary Lessons 8, 9
Complete all exercises in your vocabulary book
5 “Pictionary” drawings per lesson in the margins
1 flash card (WORDS ASSIGNED THIS TIME) per lesson with large black print letters & a visual element
Use vocabulary words in all your writing assignments this year-underline them in your work

C. Literature- Lord of the Flies

Read Chapters 7-9 by Wednesday, March 4 beginning of class
Read Chapters 10-12 by Friday, March 20 beginning of class
Study guide for chapters 7-12 by March 20 end of class
Discussion notes: Chapters 7-9 on Wednesday, March 4 and 10-12 on Friday, March 20-submit all notes March 20 end of class
Chapter quizzes will be on discussion days
D. Writing-Documented Essay
Research days Feb. 19 and 23 in the library computer lab-find, read, print, hi-lite information for your documented essay-make sure to write down source information for MLA format!
Typed Outline due March 2 end of class-see handout on preparing an outline for instructions/guidance
Begin your documented essay rough draft-remember to follow MLA guidelines! (Please note: you will not turn in the rough draft…you will only turn in the final, perfect paper.)
Final Document Essays due March 12 end of school day. No late papers accepted!
You can email it to me if you are ill on the day it is due, or you can send it with a friend, or you can really be wise and turn it in early.
You need to use at least 10 of your vocabulary words and underline them in your paper
Grade Breakdown
Silent Reading-participation points to be determined
Vocabulary Lessons 8, 9 including lessons, flashcards, and pictionaries
Documented Essay Outline-March 2
Documented Essay final paper in MLA format-March 12
Lord of the Flies study guide chapters 7-12 on March 20
Lord of the Flies quizzes on chapters 7-12 on March 20