January 21-February 12
January 21-India presentation by Nick Clark/Group Activity on Usage and Style packet/Assign vocab Flashcards!
January 27-guest speaker Pat Mika from ITT.
A. Silent Reading first 20 minutes-you can read LOF if you wish during this time

B. Vocabulary Lessons 6, 7
Complete all exercises in your vocabulary book
5 “Pictionary” drawings per lesson in the margins
1 flash card (WORDS ASSIGNED THIS TIME) per lesson with large black print letters & a visual element
Use vocabulary words in all your writing assignments this year-underline them in your work

C. Literature- Lord of the Flies

Read Chapters 1-3 by Monday, Feb. 2 beginning of class
Read Chapters 4-6 by Thursday, Feb. 12 beginning of class
Study guide for chapters 1-6 by Feb. 12
Discussion notes: Chapters 1-3 on Monday, Feb. 2 and 4-6 on Tuesday, Feb. 12-submit all notes Feb. 12
Chapter quizzes will be on discussion days

D. Writing-Documented Essay
Group Activity-Guide to Usage and Style packet-one packet per group-due end of class on Jan. 23!
Prewriting (see link called DocEssayPreWriting-print it out and complete by Feb. 12
NOTE: check out the following website for documented research paper topic ideas; but remember, no biographical papers…issues only: http://www.questia.com/popularSearches/index.html

Research Days on Feb. 6 and 10 in the library computer lab-5 minimum article summaries (see link called ArtSums-print out five copies and complete by Feb. 12
Handout on MLA style-read it! Use it!
E. BLOG posting-see Clark Wiki discussion tab/subject “Lord of the Flies;” read my posting then add your own.
F. Wiki clean up-delete all assignment links from your wiki but keep your home page in tact.

Grade Breakdown
NOTE: Nothing new to link to WIKI on this agenda…everything in basket 2/12
Silent Reading-participation points
Clean up your wiki
Vocabulary Lessons 6, 7 including lessons, flashcards, and pictionaries

Documented Essay Prewriting worksheet
Documented Essay-5 article summaries
Lord of the Flies study guide chapters 1-6
Lord of the Flies quizzes on chapters 1-6
Group Packet on Usage and Style