English 12 Agenda for May 5 through June 1
Grade based on attendance and participation

1. Jingle Group Activity (from last agenda)-50 points
2. Best Ads on TV 1984 (from last agenda)
3. Shattered Glass film (from last agenda)
4. Other Film Choices:
a. The Fugitive
b. First Knight
c. Cry the Beloved Country
d. The Scarlet Pimpernel
e. The Odyssey
5. Two film activity worksheet-you choose which film to do it on.-200 points

extra credit offered by purchasing Euphony Magazine $8 in main office-bring me receipt
guest speaker on 5/26
senior accountability day on 5/28...all failing seniors' names submitted to counseling center
graduation practice on 6/3
graduation at 3:00 at McKay Events Center at UVU on June 4