October 13-24
All wiki requirements and other work
except Election 2008 group Project must be turned in on October 24
Election 2008 Group Project will be graded on October 30

A. Journals Jumpstarts-turn in all on October 24
B. Election 2008 Group Project -due October 30
C. Night
*reading the book and study guide should be at least HALF done
*Intolerance in America at least HALF the articles annotated (NO abstracts)
*One Contextual Connection overall for the first half of Intolerance in America articles-1 page typed double spaced-link to your wikispace.
D. Wiki:
E. Blog-go to Mrs. Clark's wiki from the senior12mainpage.wikispaces.com. Click on the link called BLOG and follow the instructions. You must post at least twice to the Blog Discussion question by Friday, Oct. 24.

1. Journals jumpstarts for the entire quarter
2. Wiki must have:
Home biography page (see instructions for required elements under the Quarter 1 wikispace link to the left under Navigation)
2 Blog comments on the Discussion about the book Night's relevancy today
Senior advice letter
2 contextual connections from last agenda
1 contextual connection covering the first half of the Intolerance in America packet of readings
1 poem (either your original acrostic or one from the Poetry 180 website)

3. Election 2008 Group Project-see Election 2008 link to the left under Navigation for details and assignments
*Advocacy Project introduced-see directions on Mrs. Clark's wikispace under the link called "Advocacy" Due Monday, December 1st