Article Summary

Directions: Complete one Article Summary for each article/chapter you think you will use for your documented essay. You will need a minimum of 5 from different sources.

Bibliographic Information:
§ Author/s of article
§ Title of article
§ Name of magazine, newspaper, etc., containing the URL (please be very accurate with this information
§ Date article/book was published, publisher, and page number/ Web site

Summary Information:
§ Briefly state the main idea or thesis that the author is presenting in this article
§ Summarize the most important information, ideas, fact, details, etc.

§ What was the most surprising/interesting thing you found out by reading this article (preferably related to your topic)?

§ What questions do you have after reading this article? What would you like to learn more about?

§ What information will be most helpful to you in your research?

§ Direct quotes you think you might use. (Attach annotated articles here with quotes hi-lighted and labeled in some way.)