English1Agenda August/September
A. Course Introduction

Disclosure, computer use, seats, class materials: flash drive, notebook, pen and pencil
Silent Reading/Independent Reading (IR)-current novels, newspapers, magazines, other materials assigned, your choice
Working email required (hotmail or gmail the easiest)
Explain my and student Wikispaces-write down my address: www.wikiarna.wikispaces.com
Student Wikis-set up accounts (at one computer) and
Handout Wiki How-To Guide on Aug. 31, Sept. 2 and 4
My Wiki-agendas, assignments, extra credit, and student wikispaces posted
Introduce NIght, supplemental readings, and how to do abstracts, annotations, and contextual connections/check out Night books Sept. 2. Start reading!
B. Common Usage Problems (CUP)- Study words linked on my wiki
C. Vocabulary Books
Vocabulary lessons 1 & 2

D. Literature
Magazine assignment
Tolerance Unit with the Holocaust memoir
Night by Elie Wiesel
Grade Breakdown
o Lesson 1 and 5 pictionaries—50 points minus errors and missing pictionaries--due Sept. 4
o Lesson 2 and 5 pictionaries—50 points minus errors and missing pictionaries--due Sept. 11
o 2 Flashcards—20 points (10 points each-words assigned by Mrs. Clark)--due Sept. 11

CUP Quizzes on LCD

CUP 1 and 2 quizzes—points TBA-CUP 1 quiz Sept. 15 and CUP 2 quiz Sept. 28

Tolerance unit
: Night

Magazine assignment--25 points-due Sept. 4
Study guide—100 points--1/2 due Sept. 11 and finished by Sept. 30
Discussion notes—50 points
Quizzes—Two Night quizzes covering pages 1-65 and 66-end. First quiz Sept. 11; second quiz Sept. 30.--100 points (50 points each)
7 Supplemental readings on Intolerance In America--first 3 AACC due Sept. 11 and last 4 AACC due Sept. 23

  • Annotations—70 points (10 points each)
  • Abstracts—70 points (10 points each)
  • Contextual Connections—70 points (10 points each)
Wiki Blog-Open August/Sept Agenda link and click on the Discussion Tab (top of screen). Under Subject, click on SeptBlog. Post your comments on the questions Mrs. Clark posted.—20 points-posted by Sept. 23

WIKI—70 points total:

o (20 points) Home Page done: 2 photos of you, 10 “favorites,” Bio info: full name, nickname, family info, birthday, hobbies/extracurricular activities, and three adjectives that describe your personality/character--home page done by Sept. 30
o ( 50 points) Links your best abstract and best CC from the Intolerance in America readings no later than Sept. 30. Call them "Best AACC"

HKI Online
Visit the school newspaper website:
Read any two stories and submit a comment on each one. Comments can be to suggest improvements, suggest story ideas, disagree with the article, etc. Comments should be roughly 3-5 sentences long.--50 points-posted by Sept. 23

Other Assignments
Disclosure and Flash Drive due Sept. 4 for 25 points each (50 points total)


o No school Sept. 7, 25
o Parent Teacher Conferences Sept. 22, 23