College Application Essay
Sample 1

Hello. I’m John Anonymous from a once rural, now sprawling suburbia named Draper, Utah, at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains.

As you peruse these applications piled before you, you’ll encounter candidates who will claim athletic prowess along with impressive academic records; others will favor the arts: musicians, artists, writers; still others will shine through extensive community service and impressive leadership.

You’ll no doubt scan application after application of dedicated, accomplished students vying for the envied laurels of national merit—but…

How many applications offer a young person forged from the fires of all these elements? A 17-year-old who places in a national wrestling tournament and boasts over 100 wins, but who also can sit serenely at a Steinway and play a Chopin?
A teenager who conquered three AP tests so far with perfect scores, nailed the ACT with a 33 composite and maintains a humble 4.0 GPA, but who can also slice Utah powder and plow waves on a wakeboard with a zeal and respect for nature that only an Eagle Scout and Silver Palm recipient can have?
A young man who knows himself to be a deeply religious soul, with an allegiance to his Heavenly Father and an appreciation for the beauty and life around him, but who also yearns to face the fearsome ravages of disease, pain, and death as a medical doctor someday.

Over the next several years, I long to make the absolute most of myself through all channels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—to be a modern “Renaissance Man.” Then it will be my privilege to give back…to my wife and children, my friends and neighbors, my community and my world.