English1Agenda december

A. Literature-Drama

Importance of Myth to our literary tradition: Show The Odyssey by Homer
Introduction Greek Drama to modern theater-take notes on selected Greek terms and theater
Two plays: Hamlet-Dec. 1, 3, 7 and 9-literary terms: plot, conflict, characterization, tone, motif, setting, soliloquy, aside, irony and any others I want to throw in
The Importance of Being Earnest-Dec. 15 and 17-literary terms: satire, comedy of manners, wit, farce, epigram, pun, irony

B. Dickins’ Christmas Carol Party-sign ups for food and beverages Dec. 23; bonus points if you bring a costume and read a part in the play. Parts will be explained and assigned (or volunteered for!)
C. Advocacy Project-see my wikilink “Advocacy” introduced Dec. 1
Sign up for project…3 max per project
Prepare and practice a 2-3 minute presentation/report to the class on the day we return from break: explain which project you did and what you personally learned or got out of it.
1 page written report linked to wiki...see Advocacy link for full details.
Grade Breakdown
Drama Notes on plays—100 points for Greek Drama notes and all Hamlet assignments/notes due Dec. 9th and all Earnest assignments/notes due on December 17

Christmas Carol-Dec. 21-MOVIE FIELD TRIP-DETAILS COMING and 23 with class party on the 23. Sign ups for food and drinks and paperware.

Dec. Blog—Blog-Open the December Agenda link and click on the Discussion Tab (top of screen). Under Subject, click on DecBlog. Post your comments on the question Mrs. Clark posted.--25 points Post by Dec. 23

Advocacy Project—50 points report posted on wiki by Jan. 3rd; oral presentation in class due Jan. 4

Written report linked to Wiki before break is over
Class presentation on Advocacy project the day we get back from break-graded on professional appearance, articulation, eye contact, voice inflection/intonation, appropriate body language and stance (you may use notes, but don’t “read” straight from them…only refer to them if absolutely necessary!)

o No school Dec. 24 through Jan. 1