Documented Essay
Creating your Works Cited Page (aka Bibliography)
§ Log into
§ Click on World Book Encyclopedia.
§ Scroll down and click on Word Book Advanced.
§ In the Create and Share box on the left, click on Citation Builder.
§ Select type of citation you are going to make and click Submit.
§ Fill in the information boxes as completely as you can and click Create Citation.
§ Your citation appears below the boxes in both MLA and APA format.
§ Click on the Word Doc bubble and hit Save.
§ Click on Open. Delete the APA citation, leaving just the MLA citation on your word doc. page.
§ Select Save As and call this document “Works Cited Page” and save it to your flash drive or Alta student drive.

Now, once you have gathered all your sources on one Word doc, you will need to format them in MLA style. Look at the Works Cited Page in your MLA sample research paper to see how it is done. Notice the listings are in alphabetical order, not numbered, and doublespaced, with all lines except the first line of each source indented 5 spaces.