In the following sample thesis statements, two directions or angles that the paper will develop with research and analysis are underlined and numbered so you can see them clearly. Some papers may have more than two angles.

A. Cause and effect

Television has long been considered a powerful and influential medium in American culture, and as the trend for a steadily increasing diet of violence1 continues, the effects are becoming clear: television violence correlates with aggressive behavior2 in children and teenagers.

B. Problem and Solution(s)

The steady depletion of the world's rainforests1 confronts humankind with a strange and unexpected irony: the world will not be destroyed suddenly in a nuclear holocaust, but rather, the world will be ruined slowly through environmental abuse and neglect. In light of this possibility, people are organizing themselves in order to save the earth2.

C. Past/Present/Future (chronological)

From the invention of the silent movie, people have been fascinated and entertained by the phenomenon of filmmaking and movie going. Censorship of film in the past1 and the present2 has been an interesting and important consideration of the film industry as a reflection of social values and norms.

D. Pro or Con-a position paper

Animals have long been a necessary and indispensable part of medical research. Without animal use in scientific labs, many now defunct human diseases would continue to ravage humankind and much vital medical knowledge and procedural information would still be unknown. 1 Animal rights activists who continue extreme tactics to halt such medical progress are harming more people than they are helping.2