Extra Credit


1. 5% overall grade boost for selling at least an online ad for $25 (for one month of online viewing)
Send the ad text and any graphic (jpeg or pdf) to arna.clark@canyonsdistrict.org. Send check to Alta Hawkeye c/o Alta High School/11055 South 1000 East/Sandy, UT 84094 or deliver in person to the school's main office.

2. See the play The Importance of Being Earnest at the Hale Center Theater, which runs through February 6. Monday-Friday performances start at 7:30, and Saturdays boast three performances at 12:30, 4:00 and 7:30. Write a brief review of the play, focusing on theatrical devices such as acting, staging, lighting, costumes, or the play itself...the humor and wit, the characters, the ironic plot, etc.

3. Write an article for the school paper: a movie review, a book review, a restaurant review, an editorial, or a review of some techy thing, such as video game, software, ipods, iphones/apps, HD radio, etc.
Email your article to me at arna.clark@canyonsdistrict.org.
If the article is approved, you will be posted in the online paper and receive 5% extra credit