English1Agenda february

A. Vocabulary lesson 7 and 8
B. Literature-Lord of the Flies by William Golding
Check out books on TT
Select video clips for each discussion

C. Writing-Documented Essay (MLA format)
Grade Breakdown
Two journalism articles due Feb. 4-linked as two of the following: "Satire," "Feature," "Opinion," "News"
Feb. 25

Lesson 7, 8 plus 5 pictionaries per lesson—100 points (50 points each minus errors and missing pictionaries)
2 Flashcards—20 points

Doc Essay

Introduction-Feb. 8
  • Discuss Handouts: Plagiarism and MLA sample research paper
  • Documented Essay topic chosen by end of class on Feb.8. For topic ideas, visit http://www.questia.com/popularSearches/index.html
  • Remember: topics must be ones that can be researched with studies, facts, statistics. Do not choose a person and write a biography, and don't scrounge up your old history papers and turn them in (e.g. Tank warfare in WWI). Also, don't choose a topic too broad (addiction) or too narrow (mating habits in June, 1898, or the Little Rock, Arkansas, mosquito colony…choose an important and current social issue or controversy instead.
Topic toThesis assignment—25 points due Feb. 10. See links for Topic 2 Thesis assignment and Sample Thesis Statements for ideas.
5 Artsums—100 points (20 points each) You must use a variety of sources here, not 5 magazine articles, or 5 websites...but a variety!
See link “artsums,” print out 5 copies, and bring with you to class
Use Online research through www.pioneer.uen.org:

Feb. 17 Research help with Mr. Hinckley in the IMC
Feb. 23 5 artsums due end of class
Feb. 25
Documented Essay Outline (50 points) and Works Cited Page (50 points) due end of class.

See links for Outline and for Works Cited Page.
Final perfect Documented Essay in MLA format will be between 5-7 pages in MLA format due March 12-no late essays accepted!

-reading and study guide schedule

Study Guide Chapters 1-3 SG plus Quiz and discussion notes on Chapters 1-3 on Feb. 19
Study Guide Chapters 4-6 SG plus Quiz and discussion notes on Chapters 4-6 on March 2
Study Guide Chapters 7-9 SG plus Quiz and discussion notes on Chapters 7-9 on
Mar. 4
Study Guide Chapters 10-12 SG plus Quiz and discussion notes on Chapters 10-12 on Mar. 8

FebBlog-Open the February Agenda link and click on the Discussion Tab (top of screen). Under Subject, click on FebBlog. Post your comments by Feb. 25 on the question Mrs. Clark posted. 25 points.

HKI Online**
Visit the school newspaper website: www.tinyurl.com/altahki.
Read any two stories and submit a comment on each one. Comments can be to suggest improvements, suggest story ideas, disagree with the article, etc. Comments should be roughly 3-5 sentences long. 25 points. Post comment by
Feb. 25.


No school Feb. 15 and 26
Parent Teacher Conferences Feb. 24, 25