English1Agenda january

Common Usage Problems (CUP) AND various online grammar and punctuation reviews/exercises with quizzes :) from OWL (Online Writing Lab)
Vocabulary lesson 6
C. Media-journalism, rhetoric, satire, and advertising…class discussions and notes
Understanding Journalistic Writing-HKI handout
Understanding Rhetoric-the triangle of ethos, logos, and pathos
Understanding Satire-samples discussed in class
Understanding Advertising-appeals and claims
8 minute Mockumentary: future of media is Googlezon-Written personal response...give website for repeat viewing at home
Film: Shattered Glass-study guide in small groups or individually
D. Writing-See Media Samples link to the side
Write your own news or satire piece
Write your own feature or opinion piece
Write a 5-paragraph rhetorical analysis essay
Group activity-write a new jingle and slogan

E. Guest Speaker from The Art Institute on Jan. 11.

Grade Breakdown

Advocacy Presentations
Jan. 5-remember to dress and present professionally.


Lesson 6 and 5 pictionaries—50 points minus errors and missing pictionaries due Jan. 7
1 Flashcard—10 points due Jan. 7

CUP 5 quiz
—points TBA-CUP 5 quiz Jan. 21
grammar and punctuation online quizzes--complete all exercises by 29th end of the class. Go to the website: http://depts.dyc.edu/learningcenter/owl. You will see several exercises on the left side, each with a link to a mini lesson and online exercises. You will work through the entire list beginning with "sentences" and concluding with "colons." Be sure to enter truthfully all your exercise scores on your OWL scores sheet.


Questions answered (hand-written OK) on all media samples posted online. Questions are found at the end of each online sample. All due Jan. 15
Logos/Pathos/Ethos Abstract-Click on Logos/Pathos/Ethos link, read the information, and type an abstract summarizing the main terms and ideas. LInk your abstract to your wiki-call it "Logos/Pathos/Ethos abstract" Due
Jan. 13
Rhetorical Analysis Essay-Click on Rhetorical Analysis Essay link and follow the directions-due by Feb. Link essay to your wiki as "RhetEssay"
News or Satire piece about 350 to 500 words typed and linked to your wiki due
Feb 4—50 points. Link to your wiki as "News" or "Satire"
Feature or Opinion piece about 350 to 500 words typed and linked to your wiki due
Feb 4—50 points. Link to your wiki as "Feature" or "Opinion"
Group Jingle/Slogan activity-Create a new jingle AND a new slogan for an existing product or service. Present end of class
Jan. 25.
Comment on one HKI story online-25 points post by
Jan. 29
Shattered Glass assignment-due at the conclusion of the film

Jan. BlogOpen the November Agenda link and click on the Discussion Tab (top of screen). Under Subject, click on NovBlog. Post your comments on the question Mrs. Clark posted.—25 points-due
Jan. 11

HKI Online
Visit the school newspaper website: www.tinyurl.com/altahki
Read one story and submit a comment on it. Comments can be to suggest improvements, suggest story ideas, disagree with the article, etc. Comments should be roughly 3-5 sentences long--25 points. Post by Jan. 29

No school Jan. 1, 18, 19