Magazine Usage Ideas
NOTE: for all assignments, include magazine name, page number, story name(s) and writer name(s).

-read an editorial or feature story. Then write a quick response outlining at least three specific reasons why you agree OR disagree with the columnist’s opinion.
Style Analysis-read one article. Then write a quick analysis of the writer’s style: informal or formal, educated, elevated vocabulary or casual and colloquial, long, complicated sentences or short, concise sentences, etc. Include at least three examples from the story to back up your analysis.
Vocabulary-read 2-3 articles. Make a list of vocabulary words you are unfamiliar with. Define the words and use them in a sentence of your own. Then list next to each word what part of speech it is in your sentence: noun, verb, adjective, adverb.
Purpose and Audience-Read one article. Determine what the purpose of the article is…in other words, what the writer is trying to accomplish with this story. (E.g. to entertain, to amuse, to shock, to inform, to persuade, to criticize, to praise, to explain or describe, etc.). Write down the purpose. Next, write down who you think the intended audience is for this article. (This is called demographics: consider age, race, gender, income level, political or religious persuasion, etc.) Give proof from the article to back up your assertions.
Figurative Language-Read 2-3 articles and find examples of figurative language, such as simile, metaphor, personification, understatement, hyperbole, irony. Copy down at least three examples from the article and label what type of figurative language device is being used. Then, consider this-is the figurative language more effective than just saying things in a literal way? Explain your answer.
Visual1-Select five photos in the magazine. List them by short description, magazine title and page number. Explain why the photos are effective—in other words, did the photo help you understand or relate to the story better? How so?
Visual2-Select five photos that accompany five different stories in the magazine. List them by short description, magazine title and page number. Now imagine you are the photo editor choosing from a selection of photos to accompany each of the five stories. Would you have chosen a different shot, angle, or subject for the photo? If so, explain what you would have done. If not, explain why the photo chosen for the story is the right choice.
Advertising-Select three ads in the magazine. Briefly describe each one. Then analyze the effectiveness of each ad…in other words, explain whether the ad convinces you to purchase the product or service advertized. Consider such advertising techniques as “sex sells,” “hurry in for the big sale,” “new and improved,” “humor,” etc.