English1Agenda march
A. Vocabulary lesson 9 and 10
B. Literature-Finish Lord of the Flies
C. Literature Book Project
D. Documented Essay (MLA format)
Grade Breakdown
Vocabulary-due end of class March 31
Lesson 9, 10 plus 5 pictionaries per lesson—100 points (50 points each minus errors and missing pictionaries)
2 Flashcards—20 points



Study Guide Chapters 4-6 SG plus Quiz and discussion notes on Chapters 4-6 on March 2
Study Guide Chapters 7-9 SG plus Quiz and discussion notes on Chapters 7-9 on
Mar. 4
Study Guide Chapters 10-12 SG plus Quiz and discussion notes on Chapters 10-12 on Mar. 8

Book Project
25 bonus points for purchasing the book
...turn in the store receipt with your name written on it.

Introduce Book Project March 10
Form groups of 5-6 and choose a book title for each group on
March 12. See wikilink "approved titles."
Delegation list typed, printed and submitted by end of class
March 16
Delegation list includes the following:

  • book title and author
  • group members’ names
  • one or more delegated tasks from the following list:
  1. Research-social issue statistics and studies that relate to the book. For example, in Lord of the Flies, such social issues as war, power struggles, leadership, friendship, the male ego and psyche, violence in children, grief, ethics and norms of a culture, could all relate to the book. NOTE: you will need to have five different research sources for this typed on an ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY.
  2. Skit-conversion of novel excerpt to script and acted out -50 points. Acted out on final presentation days
  3. Rhetoric Q&A-convince class why they should read this book/students and Mrs. Clark will ask questions about book. 100 points
  4. Succinct plot sum and character profiles, author bio and photo, book's publication date
  5. Power Point Presentation-minimum 25 slides: include info gathered from #'s 1 and 4 PLUS lots of graphic elements-remember, a PowerPoint is supposed to be a visual presentation, not a bunch of slides with small text that no one wants to read or hear someone read to them! 100 points. I need a copy, so email the file to arna.clark@canyonsdistrict.orgAT LEAST TWO DAYS BEFORE the presentation date! Here is the slide breakdown:

  • Slides 1-10 will be plot summary, character profiles, author bio/photos, and book publication date
  • Slides 11-25 will be information gathered from your research on a social issue related to the book
Library Computer lab Work Day: March 31 with a show of work at the end of class for participation points (25 points)
Final Presentation Dates: April 9 and 13

Overall Final Presentation Group Grade and Delegation Summary (a write-up with group names and what each one actually contributed to the Book Project)) 25 points turned in on presentation days.

No school March 26 AND Quarter ends March 25