English1Agenda may
Guest presenter: May 7

A. Vocabulary lessons 11, 12, 13 and 14
B. Film Criticism/Genre Study
Film basics: concepts and terms
Film selections and study guides:

  • Drama-12 Angry Men, Quiz Show (social issues: prejudice, human psychology, justice, entertainment & honesty, education)
  • Comedy-Raising Arizona, Moonstruck (Surrealist comedy, camera angles to promote drama and characterization, love, character variety)
  • Action/Adventure-First Knight, The Odyssey (Arthurian and Greek myth/legend, loyalty, war, individual v. community, heroic epic)

Grade Breakdown

Vocabulary-due before Senior Accountability Day-MAY 27
Lesson 11, 12—100 points (50 points each minus errors and missing pictionaries)
Lesson 13, 14—100 points (50 points each minus errors and missing pictionaries)
2 Flashcards—20 points

Notes and study guides due MAY 27

Film review
write one of your own. 500-600 words, typed, and due on MAY 25

No school May 31
Graduation June 2

McKay Events Center in Orem at 10:00 a.m.

Congrats, Seniors!