English1Agenda November
A. Common Usage Problems (CUP)- Study words linked on my wiki CUP 4 quiz Nov. 23
B. Vocabulary lessons 4, 5
C. Literature-Creative Writing & Poetry
5 original creative pieces: haiku, flash fiction, dedication poem, rhythm poem, other of your choice
5 favorite poems from
Copy and paste onto a Word doc and add a brief paragraph at the bottom explaining specifically why you liked the poem (style, subject, tone, relevance, etc.)

D. Writing
College admittance essay-instructions will be given in class

Grade Breakdown
Vocabulary-use the class set of books...do not write in the book!
Lesson 4 and pictionaries—50 points minus errors and missing pictionaries-due Nov. 5
Lesson 5 and pictionaries—50 points minus errors and missing pictionaries-due Nov. 13
2 Flashcards(words assigned)—20 points (10 points each)-due Nov. 13


CUP 4 quiz—points TBA-Nov. 23


5 original creative pieces—100 points (20 points each) due Nov. 17
5 Poetry 180 poems with commentary—100 points (20 points each) due
Nov. 13
Peer reading of original poetry-recommend which poems to submit to Euphony-Peer reading on Nov. 19 and submissions prepared by Nov. 25
Prepare the best 2 of your original pieces for Euphony submission—print them out without your name, fill out a Euphony cover sheet for each one, submit to Mrs. Clark Nov. 25. (50 points)


Typed College admittance essay roughly 350 to 500 words double spaced and linked to your wiki—50 points Due linked and hard copy by Nov. 25


Add 2 more photos (4 total now) to your home page—10 points by Nov. 25
Link your 5 original poems by Nov. 17
Link your 5 Poetry180 poems with commentaries by
Nov. 13
Link your best of 6 AACCs from last month...call it OctAACC for the link name under your edit navigation.

HKI Online

Visit the school newspaper website: www.tinyurl.com/altahki.
Read any two stories and submit a comment on each one. Comments can be to suggest improvements, suggest story ideas, disagree with the article, etc. Comments should be roughly 3-5 sentences long. Due
Nov. 5

Nov. Blog-Open the November Agenda link and click on the Discussion Tab (top of screen). Under Subject, click on NovBlog. Post your comments on the question Mrs. Clark posted.—25 points-due Nov. 5

No school Nov. 26, 27 for Thanksgiving