English1Agenda october
A. Common Usage Problems (CUP 3)- Study words linked on my wiki
B. Vocabulary lesson 3
C. Literature
4 Narrative and 2 Descriptive non fiction essays:
William Least Heat Moon-A List of Nothing in Particular
George Orwell-Shooting an Elephant
Lars Eighner-Dumpster Diving
Sylvia Plath & Jack Kerouac-selected journal entries from Plath and and selected excerpts from Kerouac from his novel On the Road
Laurence-Where the World Began
Leonard-The Only Child

D. Writing-see topics and instructions on my wikilink: NDessays

Vocabulary due Oct. 9

Lesson 3 and 5 pictionaries—50 points minus errors and missing pictionaries
1 Flashcard—10 points

CUP 3 quiz—points TBA-CUP 3 quiz Oct. 15
Literature (6 non fiction essays) For each AACC, type the name of the essay and writer, then include the abstracts and CCs on one document
6 annotations—(60 points-10 points each)-You will be turning in your annotated essays for points
6 abstracts—(60 points-10 points each)
6 contextual connections—(60 points-10 points each)

Due dates for AACCs: 1 on Oct. 9, 2 more on Oct. 15, and the remaining 3 on Oct. 23

Writing -see link NDessays for instructions

Personal narrative short essay—50 points and linked to your wikispace as “Narrative Essay” Due by Oct. 29

Personal descriptive short essay—50 points and linked to your wikispace as “Descriptive Essay” Due by Oct. 29

Add 1 school-appropriate video clip to your home page—15 points due Oct. 29

Oct. Blog-Open the October Agenda link and click on the Discussion Tab (top of screen). Under Subject, click on OctBlog. Post your comments on the question Mrs. Clark posted.—25 points-due Oct. 15

HKI Online
Visit the school newspaper website: www.tinyurl.com/altahki.
Read any two stories and submit a comment on each one. Comments can be to suggest improvements, suggest story ideas, disagree with the article, etc. Comments should be roughly 3-5 sentences long. Post by Oct. 15

Calendar- Quarter 1 ends Oct. 29
College Day Oct. 28-seniors miss periods 1,2
SEOPs TBA (miss half class)
No school Oct. 1, 2, 5, and 30 :)