When you are done, you will have a USER NAME, a PASSWORD, and a WIKISPACE NAME.

Creating a Student Wiki

Follow these directions EXACTLY…otherwise, you’ll have wiki headaches all year!
Log on computer and then go to
Enter user name as first.lastperiod# For example: arna.clark2
3. Enter student number as your password
4. Enter email address (if you don’t have an email, set up a free gmail or hotmail account first)
5. Create a space and space name as first.lastclassperiod# For example:
7. Choose “protected (free)” for wiki. This means other students can view your wiki space but cannot edit it unless you give them permission to do so.

8. Choose wikitype as K-12.
Completing the above procedure should take you directly to a tutorial page. Close this page for now.


§ Go to Mrs. Clark's wikispace at
§ Under the Actions heading on the left, click on Join This Space.
§ In the message box, type “Let me in” then click Request Membership.
§ I will then accept you from my computer.
§ Check your email for a wikispace message/open it and click on Confirm Your Email.
Class linking
We will be creating a link for every student in the class. I will call you to a computer one by one in class; then you will follow the instructions below:
§ Type your last name, first name; then highlight your name.
§ Click on the Insert Link icon (it’s the little chain link icon under your Editor toolbar at the top of the page)
§ Click on External Link
§ Type in—for example, if I were in 5th period, my page might be
§ Click OK
§ Click Save
§ Click on your name to test the link. It should take you to your wikispace home page (which won’t have anything on it…yet!)

Designing your wiki

You will need to design your home page first. Go to your own wikispace address and log on. Click on Edit This Page. From here you can type in text, add graphics, and create external links from your home page.
Please refer to the august/September agenda linked on my wikispace ( for a list of items your home page must have.

How to insert a photo
: Before you can add a photo, you need to have it saved on your flash drive (jpeg file format).
§ Insert your flash drive into the computer.
§ Log on to your wikispace
§ Click on Edit This Page.
§ Click on the little landscape icon on the tool bar. This is the insert images and files button.
§ Click on Upload File.
§ Click on Browse.
§ Click on My Computer
§ Click on Removable Drive
§ Open your flash drive and double click on the image you want.
§ Click on Upload. A thumbnail of the image should appear.
§ Repeat this process to add more images.
§ Close this box.
§ Place your cursor where you want to insert the image on your home page.
§ Click on the little landscape icon again.
§ Click on Insert Files.
§ Double click on the image you want.
§ It will appear on your home page with a caption box open. Go ahead and type in a caption for the photo if you wish.
§ You will also see + and – signs to size the image if you wish.
§ Close the caption box.
§ Hit Save.

How to add an external link

§ Write down the web address of the external link you want on your wiki home page.
§ Log on to your wiki.
§ Click on Edit This Page.
§ High-light a key word that you want to become a link to a website site. For example, on my wiki, I have an external link on the word “Italy.” When you click on that word, it takes you to a web site about Italy.
§ With the word high-lighted, click on the chain link icon.
§ Click on External Link.
§ Type in the web address of the external link.
§ Click Add Link.
§ Click Save.
§ Now when you click on your linked word (which now is colored, underlined and has a little green arrow to indicate it’s a link,) it should go right to the web site.

How to post an assignment to your wiki

§ Log on to your wiki.
§ Insert your flash drive (if your assignment is on it)
§ Click on Edit Navigation (left side of screen)
§ Type in the name of the assignment—call it what the agenda suggests
§ Highlight the assignment name.
§ Click on the little landscape icon and click OK.
§ Click Save.
§ Now minimize your screen and open your assignment word document.
§ Hit Control A (select all) and Control C (copy).
§ Maximize your wikispace screen.
§ Click Edit This Space.
§ Hit Control V (paste).
§ Click Save.

How to embed a video clip on your wiki
§ Log into your home page (or whatever page you want to add the video)
Click on Edit this page.
§ Click on the little TV icon (embed widget)
§ Select Video
Selct type of video, such as Youtube
§ Then follow the directions from there ;)